Who is miley cyrus dating now 2016

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The video is composed of clips of her Smilers holding up handwritten lyrics from “Inspired,” lip-syncing along to the uplifting song. (I cried) How did y’all pull this off without me finding out?!?!

Everything you could ever want to know about Miley Cyrus’ tattoos is right here, including descriptions of her tats, the meanings behind them, and tons of pictures!

The two reportedly battled their share of marital issues before that performance, according to a report by People in February 2014.

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And it looks like the 24-year-old is set to make her seventh appearance after being seen at Rockefeller Plaza on Wednesday.

She recently admitted to quitting her long love affair with marijuana.

Neither one disclosed the true status of their relationship, leaving it to the public to figure it out on their own without having them be explicit about their private life.

After three years apart, one of Hollywood's hottest young couples rekindled their romance.

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Many celebrities share a close, special relationship with their dedicated fans, but Miley Cyrus‘ Smilers took their fandom to a new level this week, pulling off a gesture for their idol that actually brought her to tears. ” Miley herself was inspired by Hillary Clinton when writing the song, and it’s amazing to see that she in turn is inspiring her fans. This #Inspired video you all made makes my heart melt !!!