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The current density–voltage characteristics of the modified units showed that it is possible to maintain a good electrochemical performance of the cells despite the catalytic modification.

A copper to nickel ratio of 1:3 resulted in a strong diminution of the catalytic reaction rate.

This indicates that the modification could be a promising method to improve the performance of solid oxide fuel cells with direct internal reforming of hydrocarbons.

It seems like the only way to achieve job security in tech is by being so good that the instant you're dissatisfied with your job, another top company will welcome you with open arms. I'll caveat this answer with "I wasn't employed during the dot com bust" but was employed during ~2008, so this is based on industry experience in relatively good times.

The Mars 2117 Project isn’t the first time the UAE has expressed its desires to probe Mars.

In der Saison 1958 spielte die Mannschaft wieder in den sowjetischen Meisterschaften mit, gleichzeitig wurde der Name des Vereins für zwei Jahre in Trud geändert.

Von 19 konnte sich der Verein in der Klasse B der sowjetischen Meisterschaften unter dem neuen Namen Wolgar etablieren.

To address the portion of your question about always being in demand, that's partly a mechanism of experience, knowledge and industry contacts.

I risultati zooarcheologici qui presentati si riferiscono a 1200 resti faunistici individuati durante le operazioni di scavo archeologico nel sito di Vetricella e riferibili ai contesti elencati qui di seguito: US 112, 118, 181 and US 459.

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Am Fußballpokal der Sowjetunion nahm der Verein 14 Mal teil.