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When you develop a sizable content heavy web site you quickly learn, hopefully not the hard way, that caching is a very important piece of your infrastructure.

The database servers are the typical bottleneck in high volume website.

For most Web applications, this overhead isn’t a big deal.

Most Web applications aren’t ; they’re simply small- to medium-sized sites with so-so traffic.

Prior to Django 1.6, Django’s built-in caching backends did not allow for infinite cache timeouts, which are critical for doing invalidation (see below).

Cache Machine extends the may be a string, instead of a list, if you only have one server.

What we are going to describe are the results of a succession of trade-offs that worked well for us on a a high-traffic online magazine using a large number of open source reusable applications.

Then youwill be able to clean all cache records tagged with a given tag (or tags)A way to cache non-template responses. Sencha Touch or Sencha Ext) data is transferred back and forth to thebrowser using JSON or XML.

Each time a user requests a page, the Web server makes all sorts of calculations – from database queries to template rendering to business logic – to create the page that your site’s visitor sees.

This is a lot more expensive, from a processing-overhead perspective, than your standard read-a-file-off-the-filesystem server arrangement.

Common wisdom in such cases is to reduce database queries with caching instead of hitting the database on every request.

This is a good approach, and even seems relatively simple on the surface, but you will quickly discover that the devil is hidden in the details. One of the most famous quotes The best approach is very application dependent; one-size does not fit all.

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For convenience, Django offers different levels of cache granularity: You can cache the output of specific views, you can cache only the pieces that are difficult to produce, or you can cache your entire site.

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