Is keyshia cole dating jeezy Upload my masterbation chat

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However, she found the man she would marry in Daniel Gibson, of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Recent years have seen Keyshia Cole involved with Birdman, with whom she got into a fight with a girl over. Now, there are rumors of Keyshia Cole being involved with another hip hop figure.

Could Daniel Gibson and Keyshia Cole make a good couple?

Does the minor age difference (Boobie is 23; Keyshia is 28) mean anything?

In fact, Keyshia even showed up at game three of the Cavs-Hawks series, where she sang the national anthem prior to the tip-off.

So, what do you think of this newest celebrity pairing?

" is a song by American rapper Young Jeezy's released as the third single from his second album The Inspiration.

Bad Boy Records were once lovers — remember their 2006 collaborative hit “Last Night”? “I did a song with Keyshia Cole and I know you still miss her/ But Puff was fucking her while you was fallin’ in love with her,” Gucci Mane spits on “Truth.” According to Cole, the information Gucci Mane serves up in “Truth” is a lie.

You may have heard whispers along these lines a few days ago, but it’s only in recent hours that a reliable source has said anything on the situation.

Keyshia showed up at a swanky condo complex in West L.

and Keyshia was arrested for battery and an outstanding reckless driving warrant.

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