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Intp dating infj

It can take years, even decades, for their niche to emerge with full clarity.

For this reason, selecting the “ideal” college major fresh out of high school is probably unrealistic for many INTPs.

This includes discerning their signature skills, as well as their personal interests and values.

INTPs feel they must understand themselves and their place in the world before settling into a career.

Typically private and reserved individuals, I’ve decided to break the mould and open up about how sex is viewed as a male (single, heterosexual) INFJ. From my own experience it was a combination of things – not one for going out and partying (my hearing disability coupled with introversion), not a drinker and not one for superficial conversation (which seemed to be the norm for social situations).

Although these are my own views, I do know of other INFJ guys who share them, so perhaps it may well be a common theme among others. Many older (beg pardon, mature) INFJ men were virgins till a late age – mid-late twenties seems to be the norm. Not to mention when even thinking of approaching someone attractive my mind would go blank.

As such I pretty much forgot about women, relationships and sex, and ended up focusing on studies and work for the best part of a decade. ten years without a connection, intimacy, closeness for an INFJ just ends up bordering on insanity.Because of their rugged individualism, INTPs may struggle to find satisfaction with traditional careers choices.It can also make them reluctant to function as employees.I ended up meeting someone at age 28, and that was the start of my one and only relationship to date (excluding one long distance love affair).Now for younger INFJ guys I’m not altogether sure whether the above applies.

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This comes to you from a single guy who basically hasn’t been getting any for the best part of five years (apart from one brief indiscretion many moons ago), so yep, fully qualified to do a blog post on INFJ sex. for the quiet, introverted, unassuming, benign exteriors we often project, it belies the relentless passion and thoughts of dark deeds that lurk beneath. Well, that’s a lie, it wouldn’t go blank per se, it would overload. A maelstrom of ideas on what to say, how to say it, the possible responses and how to deal with those.