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Personalise a message and you're (anincredible) seven times more likely to hear back. Itsays, 'I agree with your lifestyle', and people love validation."Still no response? But ifyou've never met this person, you can't care.

It's like a cute guyon the train - been, gone, wasn't meant to be."…or don't.

Novelist Claire Mc Gowan went on a serial-dating mission.

Many awkward pub chats later, here's what she wants you to know Two years ago, aged 32, I plunged back into the world of dating.

How do you stand out from the other potential dates filling their inbox? And to this day, whenever I pass a dumpling spot, I end up grinning like an idiot." —Lindsay, 27"What kind of music videos do you work on? It was very brief—something to the tune of ' Hi, you look like a lovely sort of person. ' He responded promptly and positively, sent me a link to some recent work, commented on a picture of me on my profile with George Saunders, and asked me about my recent move and my creative work." —Chrissy, 26"You used to work at that cafe, right?Before long, I could tell within ten seconds of meeting someone whether it was going to end with 4am kissing at the bus stop, or going home at 9pm and eating everything in my cupboards. The dating world had changed since I'd last visited; modern dating can be as brutal as a dental abscess. Once I'd hit my stride, I was in for a few nasty shocks.There was date five, who was so shy he didn't say a word during a two-hour meal. When I pointed out the trains were still running, he sulked, "Fine, I'll sleep in the park then." Number 15, in May, had a psychotic cat who crept into the bedroom and bit me on the foot. Instead of dating anyone who showed an interest, they needed to share my passions, have an interesting job and a picture showing their face. We chatted for ages on Guardian Soulmates before meeting, and I was excited. But when we met for our date at the Tate, I knew instantly there was no chemistry.If I'd known it would take me a year and a hundred dates, I might have gone into training first. I was on Match, Happn, Ok Cupid, Guardian Soulmates and Tinder. It was my first date in over six years, and I was excited. I developed raging toothache as I sipped my Earl Grey and could only eat with one side of my mouth.The first thing I did on waking up was flick to my messages. Apparently, my crazed expression wasn't a turn-on, because he never contacted me again.

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And how do you make sure the conversation goes somewhere, rather than fizzling out? " "I used to work at a cafe, where I was a barista and my now-husband was a regular customer. He hadn't been into the cafe in a while, and I got an Ok Cupid message from him that said, ' Hey, I hope this isn't weird, but you used to work at [name of cafe], right?