Direct dating of gold by radiogenic helium

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Even more, such settlements as Metsamor or Jrahovit, situated so far from the mines, were the main centres of metal production in the general Armenian context.On the other hand, other types of settlements in foothills, such as Gegharot, could also be very important points on the routes of metal distribution, not to speak about settlements which were directly located on or by metal mines (Fioletovo, Margahovit, Meghradsor).

(2005): Vorrichtung zur Absorption von Schallenergie aus Schallwellen in flüssigen oder in gasförmigen Medien.

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If you wish to download without launching Acrobat, right-click (option-click for Mac) on the link. Stratigraphic, geochronologic, and geochemical record of the Cryogenian Perry Canyon Formation, northern Utah: Implications for Rodinia rifting and snowball Earth glaciation2013258:, 2013.

All these data are supplemented by significant evidence for the use of ancient metal mines.

Excavations and surveys demonstrate that both the sites located nearby, and those located far from the metal mines were important from the viewpoint of metal production and distribution.

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