Asp net gridview rowupdating newvalues

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Asp net gridview rowupdating newvalues

Row Deleting Dim Sql Data Source1 As Sql Data Source = New Sql Data Source '== 連結資料庫的連接字串 Connection String == Sql Data Source1.

Connection String Dim my_id As Integer = CInt(Grid View1. Edit Index Dim row As Grid View Row = Authors Grid View. Find Control("Last Name Text Box"), Text Box) Dim first Name As Text Box = CType(row.

Well, we always have a reason so I believe it is not working because Selected Value only has a Get (it’s read only) and the value can not be put back.

So, the solution that works for me is to program the Grid View’s Updating Row Event.

The code below shows me the values in the Drop Down List, but when I update it with the “edit” of the Grid View row, the value does not get saved.

This article is very useful to all the users who are working with ASP. Here I am explaining how to work with Grid View control in ASP.

Data Sets only hold data and do not interact with the underlying database table.

The Data Set object has no knowledge of the underlying Data Source. Fill() method is invoked, Sql Data Adapter opens the connection to the database, executes the select command, and the Data Set is populated with the data that is retrieved.

Net 2.0 which is very easier then Data Grid Control in ASP. I will also explain what are the differences in Grid View and Datagrid Control in ASP. I want to explain how to work with template column having datagrid inside. Net 2.0 Grid View control is too good, easy and very user friendly.

The basic idea behind this article is to workout with ASP. Though I had faced lot of difficulties in this but still I can say it is far better then ASP. Grid View control gives you Edit, Update, Delete, Sorting, Selection and Paging facility built in.

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Net 2.0's Grid View Control than the Data Grid Control in ASP. As I had worked with Data Grid Control so I knew how difficult to work with it in same project. The main difference between Data Grid and Grid View control is that the first one has central event handling which means any event raised by control inside the Data Grid's template column will be handled by Item Command event of datagrid.

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